5 Things To Expect While Dating An Entrepreneur

Dating involves emotions but dating an entrepreneur goes from just emotions, you need your intellect as well.

People seem to see this business minded people as aliens with the way they think and act.

Often times entrepreneurs tend to be bubble busters as their work and business always take top priority while everything else is secondary.

It is believed that if you are in a relationship with an entrepreneur you should be ready for a roller coaster of fun, expectations, little disappointments, and a lot of understanding as these specie of people are one of the busiest persons of the world.

Giving hugs in public or doing sweet little talks are not their cup of tea, however, when they finally decided to be vocal about their feelings, it goes deep and is sure to bring fireworks.


To shed some light on things to expect when in a relationship with an entrepreneur, the media director, Ngage Media Global Ltd, Mr. Wisdom Etim who spoke to THE WHISTLER said a relationship with an entrepreneur can be a terribly difficult task as the ride is going to be bumpy but “one thing I vouch for is that the journey will be enjoyable and  rewarding.”

He went further to outline the following expectations;

Some Days Of Brokenness

Mr Etim said if you are, or would love to be in a relationship with the world’s busy specie, you would need to adapt to being broke at the beginning of the journey. “An entrepreneur will always be investing or expanding so you need to learn how to adapt or find a way of making your own money.”

Little Vacations


The media director speaking from experience said while dating an entrepreneur you should expect very few vacations and getaways. “Until the entrepreneurs business is stable and even then, vacation and fund trips will be occasional.”

Need For Solitude at Times

When entrepreneurs decide to go off alone, their partners may wonder if they’re seeing someone but Mr Etim said this is  not the case most times because “Entrepreneurs most times sincerely  just need some time alone so they can regain sanity.

“You should get used to us being engaged in long working hours and a lot of times away or to ourselves unless you’re our business partner.”

They Ask a Lot of Questions

Entrepreneurs are always curious and asking questions.

They have a bucket full of long complains about failed deals, adrenaline rush about potential deals and reports of certain bottlenecks in the office or business. Its most time boring if you’re not in the industry but you need to learn to listen to them and have the right thing to say.

Emotional roller coaster

Mr Etim said entrepreneurs are encouraged by success and disappointed by any slow in progress. They sometimes forget to live and this includes showing love and affection, “it’s your duty to help them calm down and blow steam.”


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