10 Things In A Relationship That Are More Intimate Than Sex

A lot of times, people will limit their perceptions of physical intimacy with other people to sex.

There is no denying that sexual explorations are a whole lot of fun, but there are other ways to go about being intimate with your partner.

You have to understand that sex can only be as exciting and as invigorating as it is for a certain period of time. If you want to preserve the excitement of sex, then you have to be willing to mix things up and express your intimacy with your partner in other ways as well.


Here are a few things that you can do to strengthen your bond with your partner without removing your clothes:

Holding Hands In Public

Unfortunately, sex doesn’t mean much to certain people.


There are guys who will sleep with any woman they see, but they’ll only hold hands in public with a special someone.

Holding hands might not seem like that big of a deal, but it means that your man is proud to show you off and wants to let others know that you’re together.


Meeting The Family

Meeting your boyfriend’s family is a huge step.

It means that he’s serious about your relationship.

He wouldn’t introduce you to the people he loves if he thought you’d be breaking up anytime soon.

Getting A Kiss On The Head


There’s a reason why so many women love forehead kisses.

It’s because they aren’t meant to lead to anything sexual.

Getting a kiss on the head is sweeter than getting one on the lips, because it just to shows that he cares.



Cuddling allows you to be physically and emotionally close to your partner.

Even though your bodies are close together, you aren’t touching in a sexual way.

Staring Into Each Other’s Eyes

It’s difficult to stare into another person’s eyes.

For some reason, we view it as awkward, which is why we tend to glance away every few seconds during conversations.

However, if you and your partner are so comfortable around each other that you can look lovingly into each other’s eyes for hours on ends, then you have something special.

Sharing Ideas

Offering your body to someone is different from sharing your ideas with them.

After all, it’s easier to kiss someone than it is to open up to them about your hopes and dreams.

If your partner shares their deepest secrets with you, you must mean a lot to them.

Unexpected Surprises

Nothing tops unexpected surprises. It will definitely make your partner smile.

You never have to do anything big. It’s always sweet, little gifts that manage to make your entire day.

Compliments Bring You Closer Together

Who doesn’t want to hear that they are beautiful? Boost your man or woman’s confidence and make them feel wanted. Showing your appreciation goes a long way when it comes to setting the mood, or simply making them smile.

Take care of your partner when he or she becomes sick.

We cannot predict when our immune systems decide to fail us.

Sickness will come and go, but these moments of physical weakness can be seen as opportunities for couples to express their intimacy in a very nurturing and maternal manner.

Express your love to each other through writing.

Intimacy doesn’t always has to be physical. Intimacy can also be expressed through words.

Express your intimacy with your partner by writing each other deep and passionate love letters.


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