2023: My Choice For President Must Be ‘Pure Southeast Igbo’–Edwin Clark

Elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark, has advised that the South East should be supported by all ethnic nationalities in the country to produce the next president, stressing that such person must be “pure igbo.”

Clark spoke in favour of an Igbo president for Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general election when Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State paid him a courtesy visit at his Abuja residence.

A statement made available to THE WHISTLER said Clark called on other ethnic nationalities to support Ndigbo to rescue the nation from total collapse.

Clark emphasized that it was the turn of core Igbo to produce the next President of Nigeria.

“When I say I want a president of Nigeria of Igbo extraction, I do not mean someone from Delta or Rivers State or anywhere else. I mean a pure southeast Igbo President.

“My preferred choice is Igbo. So, my son, I have heard you. I have prayed for you, whatever you deserve, God will grant it  to you.

“When you defected to APC, I asked why, we all are fighting this cause but if the PDP we served 100% abandoned the Igbo, then we all will abandon the PDP. I have told them already.”

On Umahi’s performance in Ebonyi State, he said, “I have heard about the good works you are doing in Ebonyi State, God will guide you and protect you. What you will become, only God can decide and no human being can change it. God will give you the courage, the wisdom, the determination to become what God desires you to be.

“You have all the qualities and God will protect you and grant you the grace to achieve all your desires in good health and long life.”

In his response, Umahi said, “I believe that if God shows mercy to this country, he will not bring up a pure professional politician to be the President of Nigeria.

“Nigeria needs a bit of a business-minded person who also has gone through our nature of politics and Nigeria needs someone who can engage very properly.

“Without engagement, without finding what are the people’s problems, why do you do what you are doing and without fairness, equity, and justice, it will be very difficult for our country to unite”.

“What we do not know is that both good leaders and bad leaders all come from God. When God is happy with the people, He brings good leaders to them but when He is angry with the people, He gives them bad leaders. So, when people castigate leaders, it is God they are castigating. We should turn our eyes unto God so that he will  show  mercy on us.”

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