2023: Orji Kalu Positioning Himself For Vice President–Nze Chukwumezie

The Senate chief whip, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, withdrew from the 2023 presidential election because he is positioning himself for vice president, according to Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie.

Nze Chukwumezie, founder of Maka Odimma Ndigbo, a group championing the betterment of Ndigbo as well as revival of Igbo culture, told THE WHISTLER in Awka on Wednesday that the former Abia governor also ‘feels that Northerners will determine who gets what in Nigeria’.

In his words, “Orji Uzor Kalu is one of the Igbos that pay full allegiance to the Northerners because he feels they will determine who gets what in Nigeria. He is also positioning himself for a vice-president slot.

“Let us also not forget that he has cases of massive looting of Abia treasury and is being careful not to ruffle feathers of those he considers to be in charge.”

Kanayo also faulted Dr Kalu for advocating the retaining of power in the North instead of power shift to the South. He said, “Igbos have sacrificed so much in Nigeria, and have lived with talks of rotation from North to South. If it is the turn of the North and North-East has not taken a turn, then fine.

“But now it is the turn of the South and, in the South, it is the turn of the South-East. If it is not granted them, then they should reconsider staying in Nigeria unless they are comfortable with being sixth-class citizens.

“But let me add here that what we need mostly in this country is true federalism where the six zones control their resources and are relatively independent, and the centre weakened considerably. If this is not done, whoever is the president will not achieve much.”

It would be recalled that Orji Kalu on Monday withdrew from the presidential race, and declared support for Senate President Ahmad Lawan, who joined the race recently. Lawan is from the North-East region of the country.

Orji submitted that, “I have always maintained an unambiguous stand that for justice, equity and fairness in our country, the next president of Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari should come from the South East or the North East.

“I have also told Nigerians that I would only run for president if the two major political parties (APC and PDP) zone their tickets to the South East. In the absence of a south-easterner being president of Nigeria in 2023, I have my full support for a north-easterner. This is because it would be the closest to the equity, fairness and justice everyone is talking about.

“It further means that the justice is on its way to the South East.”

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