2023: Southeast PDP Scribe Expresses Confidence In INEC, Calls For Continuation Of PVC Registration

Hon James Ugwu, secretary, Peoples Democratic Party, Southeast, Monday, expressed confidence that the Independent National Electoral Commission would conduct credible elections in 2023.

Hon Ugwu spoke in Enugu in an exclusive interview with our correspondent. He said the new Electoral Act had rekindled the hopes of Nigerians in elections, adding that the outcomes of recent Ekiti and Osun governorship elections were also a pointer that votes would count henceforth.


He said, “I have confidence in INEC. So far, the body is doing well with the new Electoral Act. The last time I saw INEC chairman, he was very happy that people were coming out en masse to get their PVCs. I could read on him somebody who is recording successes.”

He appealed to INEC to ensure that all eligible Nigerians yet to obtain their PVs were captured ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

According to him, “It is very clear that INEC has not captured prospective voters during the just concluded exercise. It is the responsibility of INEC to ensure that every Nigerian is registered.

“They gave some months for the registration, and it elapsed. They had to stop probably to do the needful to ensure that the exercise is perfect.


“Getting every eligible Nigerian registered is the only way Nigerians can express themselves through the ballot. The number of people willing to get registered tells you the enthusiasm of the masses to get the right thing done.

“One of the major problems is the occasional malfunctioning of the machines. Let them acquire more machines. There is nothing more important to this country than Nigerians being the ones to decide who will be their leaders at elections. All these problems will stop. I believe that nature is handling the whole situation. Everybody is becoming conscious of the need to elect credible leaders.”

On the emerging vote-buying in the country’s electoral process, Hon Ugwu said, “The issue of vote buying may not stop completely, but I advise people to avoid selling their conscience. When you sell your conscience, you suffer it.

“We have never had it bad in this country like presently. Pa Adebanjo was quoted recently to have said that somebody introduced somebody to us, and told us to vote for him. We voted him, and where are we?

“Unfortunately the person who introduced him is trying to come himself to continue the same.”

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