62-Year- Old Woman Narrates How She Was Delivered Of Baby 21 Years After Wedding

A 62-year old woman, Mrs Adeola Owoade, has advised couples who have difficulty in getting pregnant to trust God and try assisted fertility.

Owoade, who was delivered of a baby when she clocked the age of 57 in 2017 told THE WHISTLER that her conception through InVitro Fertilisation and the delivery of the baby were a clear testimony of God’s mercy.

She spoke in an interview with our correspondent on the sidelines of the seventh anniversary of Vine Branch Fertility Centre, Ibadan.

Owoade, who praised her husband, her mother-in-law and the Lead Gynaecologist at the IVF centre, said they helped her to fulfill God’s promise of child bearing after 21 years of childlessness.

Narrating how she went through the 21 years of marital life without any child she said, ” I got married at the age of 35. That was in 1995 and the thought of having difficulty to conceive never crossed my mind. My expectation was to start raising children immediately after my wedding but that was not to be.

“In fact, my dream was to have a triplet and after that, I would just stop. But the first year went by and there was no pregnancy, the second year went no child and after five years , I began to challenge the situation with all seriousness.

“But there was no pressure whatsoever from my mother-in-law. She was a very rare mother to me. That was one of my prayers before I got married that God should direct me to a family where I would be accepted as their daughter. I never even knew u would face this challenge.

“My mother-in-law was always encouraging me and telling me that I would give birth to children. She would tell me that she had prayed in her church and her pastors assured her that God would give me my own children. I so much love her, she was a real mother.

” After many years I attended a programme and was told that we could go for IVF but I was hesitant. I later went and the doctor there, Dr Bukunmi Kolade is more than a doctor. I have come across doctors but he is a very caring one. He understands what any childless couple is going through and he would always pray and encourage me.

“I tried IVF the first time and the second time, I was confirmed pregnant. I told them that we should wait for the results of the scan before we should start rejoicing. The scan confirmed it.

“On May 16, 2017, I was delivered of a baby boy and the boy is five years old this month. My husband was calm all through, some gave him advice to try and impregnate another woman but he refused.”

Asked if she was not affected by her situation all those years, Owoade said, I cried occasionally especially at night. I would cry my heart to God and remind him of his promises concerning child bearing. But during the day, I always had unusual joy so, people did not know that I occasionally cried at night “

The Consultant Gynaecologist, Vine Branch Fertility Center, Dr Bukunmi Kolade, said in his address at the occasion that the centre recorded about 500 births in its seven years of existence.

He lamented the exodus of experts in the field, saying this is one of the challenges facing the field like other medical fields.

Kolade also said the high cost of doing business and dependence on importation of drugs and other equipment were the reason why cost of IVF treatment was high in the country.

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