Abuja Residents Cut-Off From City As Bridge Collapses

Residents of Dape community, behind Paradise Estate in Life Camp,Abuja, have cried out to authorities of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) to save them from being completely cut-off from other parts of the federal capital, following the collapse of a major bridge.

Some residents of the community, around Ruby Park recreation centre, spoke to our correspondent on Monday on how the collapsed bridge had subjected motorists and commuters in the area to untold hardship.

The residents said their plea to the authorities had become necessary as the collapsed bridge was the only link between the community and other parts of the FCT.

Our correspondent gathered that the bridge had collapsed after heavy rains coupled with reported dam overflow along the higher plains of River Kaduna

Collapsed bridge in Dape community, Abuja.

He further explained that the bridge started washing off late August 2019 and finally collapsed in September, 2019.

One of the residents, Moses Ajah, said the development has left majority of residents who work and do businesses outside the community stranded, as neither cars nor motorcycles could freely ply the bridge.

“The bridge has not fallen 100%, but at the moment no one can drive to their houses any no longer.

“We have to park our cars and trek over the remains of the bridge with our legs but even at that it is a risk to us and we are restricted,” Ajah told our correspondent on Thursday afternoon.

Another resident, Favour Chuka, said it was hurting to see efforts and resources that took years to build washed away. He, therefore, pleaded with the government to come to their rescue in reconstructing and fixing the bridge.

Meanwhile, the management of the FCT water board had on August 9, 2019 said due to heavy rainfall in the city, residents of communities along the Usuma Dam channel will experience an increase in the volume of water along the river channel.

Since inception, residents of Dape community had shouldered the responsibility of the construction, repairs and Maintenance Bridge.