Abuja Traders Lament Poor ‘Christmas’ sales

Barely three weeks to Christmas, business owners and traders in Abuja are yet to see the signs of the coming Yuletide.

Many traders in markets across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its suburbs have been complaining of poor sales.

Investigation carried out by THE WHISTLER at Wuse and Gwarinpa markets show that the poor state of the economy is affecting sales.


As Nigerians prepare for the end of the year celebrations, almost everybody is complaining of lack of money to buy things, particularly Christmas items for their family members. Mary Ikenga, a civil servant, said it is difficult for most workers to save enough money to buy Christmas things because of the alleged poor state of the country’s economy.

Traders interviewed revealed sales have been poor because most people complain of lack of money.“Most of my customers no longer come to buy things, they say ‘No money’ and we’re forced to bring down prices of our products just to make some sales,” said Salisu Isah who sells fabrics at the Wuse market.

Other traders interviewed also lamented low sales compared to previous years when the markets are always filled with potential buyers by this time of the year. Many said they have been forced to sell their goods below the actual price.


“This is a season of lamentation because Nigerian would celebrate Christmas in hunger, anguish, pain and hopelessness. It has never been this tough for many,” said Ikechukwu Nnamdi, who owns an exotic wine shop at Wuse market.

Nnamdi said the recession has affected wage earners and business people alike.


With the yuletide around the corner, many Nigerians may not have the luxury of enjoying the season’s funfare and elaborate celebrations.
There are already signs that this year will not follow the traditional pomp and pageantry that is always associated with the period.

“We are just living by the day and trusting God that better days would come,” Innocent Dibia, another civil servant told THE WHISTLER.


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