Access Bank Customers Lament Debits After Failed POS Transactions

A woman who went to withdraw cash from a POS point at IMT bus stop, Enugu, almost collapsed after she was debited in an unsuccessful transaction.

The lady, in her 30s, said, “I had only N20,000 in my account. After the transaction was done, the receipt read that it was not successful. But I was debited.

“The owner of the POS spot told me that it would be reversed. I waited there for four hours, still there was no reverse. We have a burial tomorrow (Saturday). That money is for purchases meant for the burial.

“I don’t know what to do. I am frustrated. Access Bank has frustrated me.”

The lady’s case was just one among the ordeals of those using Access bank ATM cards for cash withdrawals at POS.

Another victim, Chime Okolo, said, “Access has killed some of us. I went to buy fuel. Attempts to withdraw my money from my Access Bank ATM card failed, but I was debited. That day was among my worst moments in life. I cancelled the journey.”

Ifeyinwa Okpe had the same problem. She said, “Mine was the worst. It was at the Old Park, Enugu. It was the money meant to buy products for my shop.

“It wrote unsuccessful, but I was debited. I almost fought with the operator. I was told that it was a recurring thing with Access Bank ATM cards. I couldn’t buy anything afterwards. It was on a Saturday.

“I had to wait till the next Tuesday to go to Access Bank nearest to where I live. I filled a form, and waited till four days before the reversal.”

An operator at Otigba junction, Enugu, said, “When customers come, I do ask them if they are operating with Access Bank ATM cards. If it is Access Bank, I usually tell them to consider other options. If they look responsible, I tell them to transfer the amount they want to withdraw to my account.

“The danger therein is when dubious people steal phones and hack into their victims’ bank accounts. During investigations, police do arrest whoever has a hand in the transfer. But Access Bank should learn better. They are causing us problems.”

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