Adetiba Plans Release Of King Of Boys 3

Popular Nigerian film producer, Kemi Adetiba has announced plans to put out a third installment of her highly successful film franchise ‘King of Boys’ (KOB).

She however did not indicate whether it would be released as a single film, like KOB part 1, or if it would be a series, like KOB 2.

Adetiba made this known on Twitter, when she twitted, “KOB 3”.


King of Boys is a Nigerian crime, political thriller which was written, produced and directed by Adetiba.

It centred around Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist who also has illegal dealings and criminal underworld connections.

Those connections begin to threaten her growing political ambitions which ensues in a power struggle that costs her a lot.

The highly successful franchise first began in 2018, when Adetiba released the first movie which grossed about N245m.

She released the second installment of the franchise, King of Boys: Return Of The King, in August 2021 as a limited series comprising 7 episodes on streaming service, Netflix.


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