Africans Protest Israeli Deportation

African migrants in Israel have taken to the street to protest their planned deportation from the country.

The Israeli government had proposed giving each migrant $3,500 to leave, with the option of going home or alternative country where they are welcomed.

But the migrants, who have since rejected the offer, protested in cities like Tel Aviv, in front of embassies, with their faces painted white.

The protesters carried placards on which was written words like, “Now I’m White. Will you deport me?”, “Do Black lives matter in Israel?”, and “Deported to death because I’m Black”, ‘’Black or white am human’’.

According to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), Israel is presently a home to about 40,000 refuge seekers that includes 27,500 Eritrean and 7,800 Sudanese refuge seekers.

Reports reveal that, Israel plans to imprison all illegal African immigrants who do not leave the country before the end of March 2018.

The development has drawn criticism from human rights advocates both in and outside the country.

Academics, activists, and prominent Israeli writers have called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to deport the refuge seekers, saying the nation has “no refugee problem.”

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