Alaafin Hails Courageous Sultan For ‘Speaking Truth To Power’

The Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, has described the Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Sa’ad, as a courageous and upright traditional ruler for saying the North is the most insecure part of the country today.

The Alafin expressed his admiration for the Sultan when they met in Ibadan on Friday at the fifth coronation anniversary of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi


The Sultan had earlier advised traditional rulers in the country to always sensitise political leaders on the need for good governance and adequate security in every part of the people.

The revered traditional ruler said traditional institution must always ask political leaders at all levels of government to do what is right for all segment of the country at all times.

The Sultan said adequate security must be provided for people everywhere they live not minding their economic status.

He said, “As traditional and religious leaders, we must continue to sensitise our political leaders to do what is right in protecting the citizenry. We call on all of us to close ranks and we should not allow the vanity of this world to divide us.


“Nigerians must love one another for peace to reign. Issues of ethnicity must not be allowed to divide us. We need to understand each other. The more we close ranks, the better for our society. As leaders we have to live by example.

“Ooni is my brother, who has shown love to us all. He has been to Sokoto five times after ascending the throne. As we chair the traditional council of Nigeria together, we shared a lot of things in common about youths. Almighty Allah will continue to give you the strength and wisdom. As we try to stabilised this great country where everyone would live with his full potentials, we are conscious of the strategic position of Yoruba. Our cultural heritage differentite us from the rest of the world.”

The Alaafin of Oyo commended the Sultan for his courage and bluntness, saying such were the hallmark of a good leader.

He urged Oba Ogunwusi not to relent on his peace advocacy.

He said “I want to commend the Sultan of Sokoto for speaking truth to power yesterday when he said the North is the worst place to live in Nigeria. I appreciate your boldness. Not quite long after you make your remark, a first class traditional ruler was shot dead by gunmen in Ondo.”


The Alaafin said “you (Ooni) should not relent in your efforts on peace advocacy. Enemies will not prevail over traditional rulers in Nigeria. Ooni will live long as a king and we shall not hear about your death.”

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi said activities, commemoratiing his fifth coronation anniversary started in Ibadan because all the towns in Yorubaland have stake in Premier Hotel, venue of the anniversary lecture.

He stated ” I thank the Almighty God for his blessings and goodness over my life. I was talking to Alaafin and he prayed for me. I want to pray to God to give me opportunity to spend long time on the throne like Alaafin. God will continue to bless Alaafin with more longetivity of life. Alaafin has urged all of us to live in unity. God that enthroned you will continue to bless you. Why started this celebration in Ibadan is that all the towns of Oduduwa have stake in Premier Hotel, which was built in 1960 with £ 1 million.

“Nobody knows tomorrow. My journey of life is laced with miracles. When Oba Sijuwade passed on, I called Elegushi. I can’t forget that day. But, he didn’t pick and later he called me back and we started the journey to the throne together. We have been together for long. I have also been very close to many traditional rulers before I became the Ooni, including Olofa of Offa, whom we have been together for more than 30 years.

“I am very happy today. My joy is full for God has made me spend five years on the throne. Though, the challenges are daunting, but we thank God. I called Alaafin the day I was chosen as Ooni. I decided to go to him so as to strengthen the unity and bond in Yorubaland. I thank my families, especially my father. “

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