American Cleric Recalls How Prince Philip Funded Spread Of Christianity In Africa, Others

Son of the late renown American evangelist, Billy Graham, Franklin, while eulogizing the late husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, said he had presented money which the ministry channelled towards raising like-minded evangelists in developing countries of Africa and others to spread Christianity.

Franklin, who heads the Samaritan Purse in the United States, recalled on Sunday, that the royal family had in 1982, noted his father’s great works in UK and around world.

He said the Duke of Edinburgh gave his father the Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress award with an accompanying cheque which contained an undisclosed amount.

The award which was founded in 1972 is given annually to anyone who has “made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works” and since 1992, the money that goes with the award was up to 1 million pounds sterling.

Franklin added that his parent used the money for relief programs and for the promotion of evangelism in Britain and across the world.

“His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was laid to rest. My father Billy Graham was with him and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on several occasions. He regarded Prince Philip so highly. In this photo from 1982, Prince Philip presented my father with the Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in Religion.

” The award came with a check, and they are all laughing because he handed that to my mother instead! My parents gave the money to be used for world relief, to train evangelists in developing countries, and to promote evangelism in Britain.

“Pray for the Royal Family, and especially for Queen Elizabeth II who lost her companion of more than 73 years,” he stated on his Facebook page.

Prince Philip was laid to rest at Windsor, UK, on Saturday.

THE WHISTLER reported that the royal family announced that he passed on peacefully.

Governments around the world including that of Nigeria, paid tributes.

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