And I Weep For My Home State: Kano

Gov Abdullahi Umar Ganduje


Politics have been defined in a number of ways by scholars cum practitioners who duly appraised its peculiarities informed by environmental orientation, Culture and or Milieu.

Thence, politics is seen as war without blood shed, others view it as struggle to manage economy through political power, others narrate it as electing a leader through a democratic process.

Be it as it may, politics involves democratic processes that brings about a leader in the context and background of our discussion here.


Kano used to be a home for Nigerian politics, it has produced the real political ideologist – the likes of Malam Aminu Kano. Aminu is the one man that came up with the idea of Breaking Autocratic Governance in Kano and the North, the man that came up with lesser tax for the masses – Aminu the man with real Political Idealism.

Saturday, 23rd of March 2019 was an unfortunate day for Kano, it was a day that saw the hard earned political name of Kano destroyed by such a desperate, authoritarian and doctorial so called leaders.

The Inconclusive Election itself have no constitutional standing, we in Kano saw a so called Supplementary Election that require the deployment of a DIG taking over policing from the Commissioner of police to protect armed thugs- I weep.

We saw how human health, human wealth and human life is considered meaningless at the expense of getting political power- I weep .

People were killed, people were injured, votes were bought, rigging was done beyond even logic, even if you are to criminalise the process why not do that with logic? – I weep.


I thought, contest for political power was derived from the need to help one society and if in any case people said they do not want you, let it be and if they think you do not have anything worthy of making their lives better, let them have their way. Why do you have to cause kiosk before you become Governor? A reawakening call to Ganduje and the like – I weep for Kano.

This is a call to Kanawa, this a reawakening call to my people, I made a call a day to this Election, that no body should allow himself to be used as a thug, information available have it that, the thugs were hired from outside our state by people that called themselves “our leaders”.

Legitimacy is the answer. If Ganduje thinks governing Kano by power is feasible, let him see what will happen for the blood shed will not allow this governance in shaa Allah-/Allah is in control and will never allow such evil, and devilish government.

May Allah restore the integrity of Kano, May Allah be by and with Kanawa, may He destroy all that are anti people.

Hasbunallahu waniimal wakil.


-Adamu wrote via [email protected], 08058880580

: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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