Android Users To Pay $11 Monthly For Twitter Blue

Twitter says its subscription service, Twitter Blue, will now be available to Android users at $11 per month, while users who opt to subscribe for the service via the web will pay a discounted amount of $84 per year.


The $11 price for Android users is the same for iOS subscribers.

Subscription to the service comes with the coveted blue verification check mark, which was previously free but only available to accounts belonging to politicians, celebrities, journalists, famous personalities, and other public figures who could be impersonated.

The verification feature was added to Twitter Blue after Elon Musk took control of the company in October last year, as a means of generating income for Twitter following the exit of many advertisers.

Other features which Musk added to the service are 60-minute video uploads and priority ranking in conversation replies. Paid users will also have access to old features of the service like the edit tweet feature, a thread reader, and custom icons and themes.

There is also a monthly subscription option for web users at $8, however, the cheapest subscription method is the annual $84 option, also available to web users.


THE WHISTLER reported in December that Twitter hiked the price of Blue for iOS users from $7.99 to $11 per month in a bid to offset Apple’s App Store fees.

The $11 being charged to Android users is likely meant to offset the charges levied by Android’s Google Play Store, much like Apple’s App Store.

Twitter Blue is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and most recently, Japan.


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