Anthony Joshua Made Boxing A Popular Sport In Britain– Manager

The post title fight press conference of Anthony Joshua and his promoter, Eddie Hearn was full of emotional display.

The interview monitored by THE WHISTLER lasted for about 22 minutes.

Just before the interview, the British Nigerian boxer lost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Oleksandr Usyk, a Ukrainian boxer that beat him in Tottenham 11 months ago.


Before Usyk stripped him of his WBA, WBO and IB titles, Joshua said he was a boy on the “roads” whose life was transformed by boxing.

Joshua who is currently 32 years old, literally shed tears and could no longer answer when asked if he was “proud of himself”.

“Am I proud of myself? It is really hard for me to say I am proud of myself. I don’t feel anything. I’m upset really deep down in my heart. Well men!” he paused, crying.

Eddie who later took over the microphone explained the significance of AJ’s boxing career to the industry in Britain and as well his own business.

He said in Great Britain, no boxer would have earned as high as they currently do if not for the clout of the former champion.

Eddie said, “From the grass root, so many children are getting into the sport because of Anthony Joshua. From the Great British team, the Olympic set up, the funding that has gone into the next generation through his Olympic gold medal, from the commercial value that he has brought to the sports.

“We won’t be today. None of us will be in this room without Anthony Joshua. I promise you. I won’t be, our business won’t be, my life won’t be what it was without Anthony Joshua. No boxers would be earning that kind of money in the UK if it wasn’t for Anthony Joshua.

“He has taken the sport in terms of popularity, in terms of attraction from broadcasters, sponsors to another level. It’s been unbelievable. You can’t keep people happy all the time. If you can be a good individual like he is, if you can set a good example, then that’s all you can do.

“Honestly, the sport globally won’t be where it was without AJ, but the sport in Britain would not be where it is without today and the fight is benefitting, because of the growth that AJ has injected in the sport.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offered $150m for the rematch, with both fighters splitting the amount.

In their first match, Joshua got $13.6m, while Usyk only took home $4.1 million. Also the pay-per-view earnings were divided 60-40 in favor of Joshua.

He was estimated to earn a guaranteed purse of £33m from his rematch with Usyk.


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