APC Backs Buhari’s Anti-Corruption

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) has backed President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaingn and also warned against any form of interference against it.

This was disclosed in a statement by the national publicity secretary of the APC Mr. Lai Mohammed, who pleaded with Nigerians to always act against those who looted the nations treasury, as it will aid the present administration in its determination to completely eradicate the cancer of corruption across the country.


“Our party promised Nigerians change, but the change that we promised and which Nigerians desire so much cannot be achieved if we allow the resources that belong to all Nigerians to be appropriated by a few. How do we upgrade our decayed infrastructure and provide jobs for our people when the money meant for that has been squirreled away by a few?

”President Buhari has promised to break the vicious cycle of corruption that has held Nigeria down. How can he do that if he allows those who have looted the treasury to escape justice, and then use their ill-gotten wealth to fight the government? How can he do that if he turns a blind eye to the monumental cases of corruption in all sectors?

”We know that fighting corruption in a society where the cankerworm has eaten deep into its fabric will not be easy. We know that corruption will always fight back. But there is no other choice than to confront and destroy this monster once and for all, lest it destroys Nigeria.”

He then reiterated the President’s promise that the anti-graft war will be just and not by sentiments, as it will affect all parties which includes the APC.

“Therefore, those who are shouting themselves hoarse by saying the Buhari administration’s fight against corruption is selective or is a distraction are only seeking to sabotage the epic battle.


If they have any case of corruption against any member of the APC, they should forward their evidence to the appropriate anti-corruption agency.”

He added that any group who insist on fighting against the anti-corruption war, is inturn fighting against the continuity of Nigeria.

“The danger in truncating the fight against corruption is that it will consign Nigeria to poverty, insecurity and unemployment in perpetuity. That is why we are restating our unalloyed support for the president, and urging him not to be deterred or distracted by those hiding under sophistry to weaken the fight.”


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