Arewa Youths Vow To Oust Buhari In 2019, Say President ‘Failed’ Woefully

[caption id="attachment_16808" align="alignnone" width="750"]President Muhammadu Buhari[/caption]

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as one which destroyed the hopes of Nigerians.

The AYCF, hence, vowed to replace President Buhari in 2019 for not being “vibrant” and “in charge” of his administration.


The statement was made by President of the group, Shettima Usman Yerima, in an interview with Vanguard.  

Yerima, who declared President Buhari’s government a failure, said that “we cannot afford to have a president who is not in charge of the affairs.”  

“The hope has been destroyed. So, the state of the nation is neither here nor there. The economy is nothing to write home about. A lot of things are not just right. I think this is not what Nigerians bargained for. And so, in essence, a lot of Nigerians are not really happy,” he said.  


“We are disappointed. Nigerians are disappointed. The Buhari administration is a failure. It is a monumental failure because this is not what Nigerians expected when they gave him the mandate in 2015.  

“I think we are going to bring an alternative in 2019. We have to bring a new order in the country because we cannot afford to have a president who is not in charge of the affairs. We have nothing against President Buhari personally but we believe somebody of his age should be home to manage his health.  

“So, definitely, come 2019, we must look for a way out of this mess. We cannot continue like this. We need a vibrant president and one who has intellectual capacity. We are going to look into age and a lot of other things to be sure that whoever comes up in 2019 will not be part of this old establishment.  

“We, northerners, need to put people in the right places with a view to finding answers to our problems. We need to have a smooth transition to 2019 and then 2023. The North is unstoppable for now and we cannot afford to take any chances,” Yerima said.

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