Arsenal To Punish Iwobi For Partying Hours Before FA Cup Exit

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed Alex Iwobi will be fined by the club after the midfielder partied into the early hours of Saturday, a day before Arsenal’s shocking FA Cup defeat at Nottingham Forest.


The 21-year-old forward was filmed dancing with friends at a rented Airbnb in Soho, Central London at 2.37am on Saturday, according to The Sun UK.

The video was uploaded to Snapchat and it was captioned “Shouldn’t Iwobi be sleeping?”.

Neighbours were said to have complained about the noise from the party.

“They were keeping everyone in the building awake,” a neighbour told The Sun.

“I was woken at 1am by chanting and singing and went to complain.


“There were laughing gas canisters all over the place and a strong smell of weed.

“They claimed they hadn’t been allowed into a club and that’s why they rented the flat.”

The Nigerian then played 90 minutes on Sunday as holders Arsenal crashed out, going down 4-2 to Championship side Forest.

Wenger said: “That is true. He will be fined. It is impossible to go out 48 hours before a game. It is unacceptable.

“First of all we have to be cautious with everything that is coming out.


“When you read what is reported it is like he has taken drugs. He was not involved in that at all.

“He has been out at a birthday party and how long he has stayed? That is important. After, I will decide what happens.

“Did he do drugs or alcohol? Not at all. If your neighbour takes drugs, what can you do? You are responsible for your own behaviour, not the behaviour of your neighbour.”

The Arsenal boss admitted Iwobi’s performance against Forest may have been affected by the party.

“Who knows that?” Wenger said. “You know that sometimes you want to prepare 100 per cent but it is not always a guarantee you will be at your best.

“But that is what is requested from a top-level professional.”


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