Barcelona To Allow Fans Participate In Club Decisions Through ‘Fan Tokens’ 

FC Barcelona has said that it will issue ‘Barca fan tokens’ to engage its fans in club’s decision process through a fan engagement platform. 

According to a statement on the clubs twitter the token  will be out by the second quarter of 2019 between May -June 2020.

The club disclosed that the token will allow holders to be part of decision making on issues affecting the team, such as the kind of music to be played in the Camp Nou when a goal is scored.

The idea is to allow supporters of FCB all over the globe to participate in club affairs.

“FC Barcelona is proud to announce a global partnership with blockchain platform @chiliz & @socios.


“Using the digital currency $CHZ, you’ll soon be able to buy Barça Fan Tokens, which give you the right to vote in club polls & earn rewards.”

“The agreement is part of Barça’s new digital and commercial strategy and will allow fans around the world to interact in an innovative way with the club through ‘Barça Fan Tokens’, digital assets that provide owners with the right to participate in polls about Barca’s everyday activities and earn unique prizes related to the Club,” the club tweeted on its official account.

According to the chief executive officer of maker, Alexandre Dreyfus, interested parties can get the coin by downloading the app and purchase the app’s native coin called Chiliz. He added that the coins will in turn be used to buy the team’s ‘Barca Fan Token’.

The club will offer 40 million Barca coin at € 2 euro, as most of the profit from the business will go to the club.

He added that the Spanish club is the ninth top-tier team to sign up with’s Chiliz to issue tokens with Chiliz.


 Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus ventured in the same deal with the company as the fan tokens debuted in December, with over 110,000 users already signed up on the platform.

Dreyfus also said that fans have bought an average of $20 worth of coins since the December debut.

“For all of these teams, it’s just another vertical — the same way they have merchandising and E-tickets.

 “We are not targeting the fans that are in the stadium that they know already. The idea is to reach the 99.9% of the people who are not in the stadium.” He said in a tweet.

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