Beer: Danger Of Taking More Than One Bottle A Day–Doctor

If you are an alcohol lover, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re addicted.

But Dr Omobolawa Akande-Akinyemi has revealed that drinking more than one bottle of beer in a day can increase the risk of altering your brain chemistry.

Akande-Akinyemi, who works at the Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, said this while speaking on Nigerian Info 99.3 FM ‘s Morning Crossfire monitored by THEWHISTLER

According to her, “the guideline is that you shouldn’t take more than what we call 3 units of alcohol in a given day.”

In a week Akande-Akinyemi advised that men should not take more than 14 units of alcohol and 7 units for women.

She went on to explain that “a bottle of beer(Gulder) is three units of alcohol, so you should not take more than one bottle of beer in a day. but if you find yourself taking more than one bottle of beer in a day then there might be problem with you.

“If you notice that you are needing to take greater quantity of alcohol to get a desired level of highness then you are altering your brain chemistry.”

She mentioned some of the risk factors to include poor concentration and death.

“People that drink excessively tend to die 10 to 15 years earlier than the people that don’t.”

In a February 2021 report, the World Health Organization ranked Nigeria second on the list of African countries with heavy episodic drinking while an NBS report in 2016 revealed that Nigerian spent at least N208 billion on alcohol.

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