Between Tinubu And The Insidious Rebels

Even as the D – Day beckons, as the majority of the Nigerian people are prepared for the new dawn, embracing the democratic reality, there is yyet an insidious and even treasonous trooping from the desperate , peripheral losers of the February 25th Presidential election who are bent , although fruitlessly, on halting the democratic growth.


Not content with the present proceedings at the Tribunal, they are now loosened in a thousand reckless conspiratorial tactics to savage the May 29th handover date and bestir upon us all an unstable and unconstitutional regime of a muddled , frightening vacuum which is fraught with anarchical provocations and the dark emblem of a new goon squad without accountability.

Surely , this destructive apparition they are conjuring will not and cannot come to fruition. It is an Ends-man game, the gambler’s futile last throw of the dice , flinging all assets into a scorched earth madness: “ If I can’t have it may the nation tumble down. “

It will never happen !

This destructive withdrawal has gone from the rent-a-crowd protest march to the treasonous diatribes by the Mauritanian holdout , the sponsored divisive reportage and commentaries from hack, oafish scribblers, the angry ill-digested poutings masking as patriotism, the furious , rambling stampede across the world pretending a pursuit of justice .

They are throwing virtually everything at the truth in stubborn idiocy to hinder the sacrosanct May 29th handover date.


Factionalized and dissolved into a welter of confusion and increasing muddle , the ragtag oppositional nuisance are now pitted against themselves in the open friction of the absurd.

There is no longer a pretense to civility among this broken , disgruntled lot. There is no tempting about the rule of law, no intimation of graduated orderly society. The losers grim fixity is about disintegration and anarchical sway. It is as if they are deluded into victorious triumph which haven been thwarted by democratic regimen, they thus flail angrily on all winds , challenging everyone and the heavens for their forfeiture.

They have now reached a cul de sac, the inhibitory wall that terminates their delusional platform.

Let them be roused from their suspended animation that the election has been won and lost, that we now have a valid President -Elect in the person of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu whom the all knowing Providence has thrust upon the acme of the Nigerian leadership, who has been certified to govern this nation by the whim of Heaven that none can challenge.

And as for the pestiferous old Lagos gadfly and his co-travelers who are permanently latched to negative anchor, indifferent to reconciliatory embrace, sworn to a divisive articulation, they have failed.


We are much aware that these contumacious characters are still huddling , scouring in the dark places, scheming in desperate malady to insert the destabilization discord in this infant democracy.

Their blind fixity is ruin and confusion, the thwarting of the democratic paces. But they doth lie.

This nation is being renewed and moving towards a rebirth predicated on equitable governance, on fairness, on truth and the national growth. The journey begins anew on May 29th.

Join the healing and the restoration of the national renewal. Join the rectification of the ills of old and the mending of the broken places.

Genuine salvation beckons. Only if we are committed to the ramparts of the truth and the bulwark of the national salvage.

Nigeria must survive as an indivisible entity of national accommodating largeness, pivoted on all the ingredients of democratic fairness.


Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu is the
Oloriekun of Olowogbowo, Director General of Patriots Roundtable and the Apesinọla of Ẹyo Ọba Ọkọlaba Ẹkun in Lagos.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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