Blackberry Phones Will Stop Working Worldwide Today

Blackberry Limited has finally ended service for its once indispensable business smartphones on Tuesday.


All Blackberry smartphones will stop working after today (Tuesday), Reuters reports.

Blackberry users received messages on their devices to that effect which read, “Dear Customer, You will not be able to make calls, SMS/ browse on your BB phone from the 4th Jan 2022 as Blackberry will stop all their services and the phones will no longer work…”

This marks the end of an era as Blackberry phones were once as popular as Apple’s iPhones. The phones were known for pioneering push email, their exclusive BBM Messaging service as well as the tiny QWERTY physical keyboard.

Blackberry smartphones began to dip in popularity with the emergence of Apple’s iPhones and Android devices. More recently, the company tried to shift its focus by producing cybersecurity software as well as embedded operating systems for cars.

Ex U.S. President Barack Obama, one of Blackberry’s celebrated users, made headlines back in 2016, when he was asked to replace his Blackberry with an unnamed smartphone.


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