Blackouts In Texas: Biden Sends 60 Generators To U.S. State

In a bid to address the blackout in Texas, the administration of United States President, Joe Biden, has dispatched generators, among others, to assist in restoring power in the area for the time being.

The U.S. state was hit by a winter storm, thereby displacing residents and putting certain organizations at a standstill.

But in a tweet by the White House on Thursday, the Biden administration said it was providing assistance to help the state pull through.

“In response to the ongoing situation in Texas, the President approved FEMA to send generators, diesel, blankets, and water to affected areas. We continue to monitor the region closely and are prepared to quickly process additional requests for assistance,” it stated.

Specifically, the nation’s Federal Emergency Management Agency stated that about 60 “very large” generators have been deployed to support hospitals and other infrastructure.

Reacting to the development, Nigerian cleric, Pastor Sam Adeyemi (of DayStar Christian Center) said that he was praying for the residents of Texas and other states affected by the storm.