BREAKING: INEC May Shift Ground As Chairman Mulls ‘Little Adjustment’ To 2023 Election Timeline

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may grant a fresh request by political parties to make ‘little adjustment’ to the 2023 election timelines.

The INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, revealed this during his meeting with the Inter-Party Advisory Council Nigeria (IPAC) which is the umbrella body for political parties in the country.

At the meeting, Yukuba noted that INEC’s position on IPAC’s previous request for an extension of the deadline for conducting primaries had not changed.

He, however, said that the political parties’ fresh request for a little adjustment to the timeline may be considered.

“This meeting is convened from the request of the political parties, so this is distinct from our regular consultative meetings. We have heard from the IPAC Chairman who on behalf of the political parties again requested for a review of our election timelines.

“It appears that the proposition this time around is different. From the request made earlier which the Commission has responded emphatically, for emphasis, the request for last time was for an extension for between 37 days and 60 days, on this, the position of the Commission has not changed.

“Such request will not be entertained in view of the lineup of activities already released and published. It appears the parties have presented a modified request, for what the Chairman I called a little adjustment, we will now discuss further to understand the basis for this little adjustment, thereafter the Commission will meet and issue a statement,” said the INEC chairman.

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