Breaking: Veteran Broadcaster Wakes Up After 5 Weeks In Coma

Timawus Mathias, a Veteran broadcaster at the  Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Yola, Adamawa State, has regained consciousness after five weeks of being in coma. 

He broke the news on Monday evening on Facebook.

The 73-year-old who retired as a manager before going into private practice, stated:

“This has miraculously restored itself and I hope and pray it remains so. I came under the weather and was in coma for 5 weeks.  When I came round I found I had been spun out of this cyclone of social media. I will tell my story in due course. For now help me sing Halelluiah, glory to God. “

After his retirement, he
started his own media firm, Quest Media.

President Muhammadu Buhari celebrated him on his 70th birthday in 2018.

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