Buhari’s Ministerial Nominees Not The Best, Sarah Jubril

Mrs. Sarah Jubril, Nigeria’s first female presidential candidate, and former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Ethics and Values, has said that after waiting for four months, President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial nominees do not appear to be the best.

Jubril who made this statement during an interview with the vanguard newspaper, said that Nigerians must however be patient with the All Progressives People (APC)-led administration.


She said, “They don’t appear to be the best but whatever happens we must have the patience and spirit of tolerance because we will not ask people to go and riot.

“These people, their records are there but if Nigerians want to remain complacent and sweep things under carpet, it’s left for them, the hypocrisy about corruption continues.”

Speaking on the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) 16 years of governance, Jubril said “I think the PDP government, starting from the board of trustees, the party executives, did not open their minds to understand what their slogan and manifesto stood for.

“The PDP government had desirable virtues, which turned out to be a moral verbalisation that did not touch their conscience and minds.

“The PDP government had, I will say, the best of party slogan anywhere in the world, but unfortunately the plague was philosophical understanding of the manifesto.


“The ignorance about the high sense of responsibility of claiming to be a progressive party, and only thinking of the slogan and not acting practically.

“When you have a constitution and you don’t abide by the constitution and whatever your slogan is, they are the first steps of preventing corruption. By the time we take the oath of office and oath of allegiance, and after we have read it we say, ‘so help me God.”

When asked what her efforts were in correcting the anomalies in the system, while she served in the immediate past government, she said “Was I not given the assignment by Mr. President to handle ethics and values?

“I will give you my schedule of duties and you will see it. Didn’t the elders in the party from the board of trustees, from the financiers, to governors, senators, Reps, councilors, council chairmen, party executives, didn’t they know about the constitution? When Mr. President gave me the assignment on ethics and values, it means they did not find out what ethics meant if they didn’t know.

“They had the responsibility of finding out what Mr. President meant. It was unfortunate and I feel so sorry for Mr. President but believe me all I was praying for was, ‘Lord help this man to finish and walk out of Villa with his two legs, alive.’


“Did you ever see the PDP government use the words ‘ethics and values?’ Did you ever hear the speech of Mr. President that contain anything about ethics and values? Mr. President appointing Sarah Jubril as the one in-charge of ethics and values was unacceptable and against the intentions of the governors and the managers of the party.

“I am saying this now because government officials should not be the chief polluters. Something has gone wrong with Nigeria, I am not exonerating myself, maybe, I didn’t try enough but I was audacious enough to the point that I was maligned and blackmailed.

“Mr. President had to open his mouth and he said look, ‘if you people don’t have anything to say about Mrs. Jubril, leave that woman alone, that was what I met her doing before I joined politics, I heard of Sarah Jubril, ethics and values.’

Speaking on the successes achieved by Jonathan’s administration, Jubril said, “the rail roads were resuscitated, the airports, I am talking of physical infrastructures. A lot of roads were refurbished, new roads were opened.

“The starting of hydroelectric power not only in Zungeru but also in the high hills in Adamawa. You have a lot of schools established, more universities for students.

“There were infrastructures in any sector you can talk about. There were partnerships that were made. In the agricultural sector, a lot of efforts were initiated, in the technical sector, the ICT boomed.


“He brought money and people were more concerned about doing part of the job but not changing their own attitude in pilfering and stealing part of the money.”


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