Buhari Set To Recover Government Properties From Ex Govt. Officials

[caption id="attachment_806" align="alignnone" width="630"]Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari.[/caption]

The Federal government has set up a committee tasked with the responsibility to recover all government properties in the hands of former government officials.

This was disclosed by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu in a recent chat with newsmen in Abuja.


Confirming the position of government on the issue, Garba Shehu said;

“That is precisely the case, even here at the Villa, there are cars and other property belonging to the government which are yet to be returned.”

“Imagine how much Nigeria will save by retrieving and re-using these government properties instead of purchasing new ones for new government officials,’’

Sources close to the federal government confirmed that some former government officials despite vacating office almost three months now are yet to return government assets in their possession.

According to Shehu, the federal government has set up a committee made up of civil servants and security agents, and the committee will soon commence the retrieving of these assets.


He claimed the aim behind the decision of the federal government was not to embarrass anyone but to reclaim properties belonging to the government from non-government personnel.

“The properties belong to the Nigerian people. We are not trying to humiliate anyone by asking them to return their cars or houses.”

When asked if the government at local and state level were experiencing the same difficulty repossesing government properties in the hands past government personnels, Shehu said he can neither confirm nor deny this, but that it would not be strange if the situation is what is obtainable; as this attitude of holding on to government property “even after leaving office must be a natural outcome of the culture of impunity that has prevailed in Nigeria over the past years of PDP rule. “But change has come; that is why we have to do things differently now.’’

He further highlighted president Buhari’s resolve to run an accountable government devoid of wastage.


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