Buhari Turned Nigeria Into ‘Beggar’ Nation – Ayu

The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Mr Iyorchia Ayu has said Nigeria has been turned into poverty capital of the world due to excessive borrowing from the administration of Mr Muhammadu Buhari.

Why restating PDP’s commitment and readiness to invigorate Nigeria from the present stage, once Nigerians support the PDP in 2023, he said Nigeria has become a beggar nation under the APC administration.

Ayu, who just emerged the PDP National Chairman stated this in a chat with the BBC Hausa, monitored by THE WHISTLER at the weekend in Abuja.

Acknowledging that the PDP made mistakes in the past, he said the party has owned up to their mistakes unlike some governors who were full of deceit.

“It is generally known that since the assumption of power of the incumbent government, they couldn’t fulfil promises made to Nigerians,” he said. “We don’t lie, say we’ve done what others have done or are doing. Now, we are ever ready to make amends.”

He said one of the reasons for the organisation of the workshop which just finished in Abuja for all elected officers of the party was to keep them abreast of ways to confront the state of insecurity in the country.

He said it was disheartening that no one can travel safely from Kaduna to Abuja, adding that the PDP was ready to explore ways to rectify the problem.

“The situation in our country is so bad that anyone on a journey from Abuja to Kaduna, whether by road or by rail, would not have a peaceful mind.

‘It is a must that we right the wrongs in our party, so as to get people’s support. Every side must be given the chance to comment so that together, we work in unison to achieve what the people desired.

“We shall discuss with people to hear their views, because we would not trust the Nigeria of today in which people are diverting official things for their interest, rather than for the people.”

Ayu further assured that the party’s programme will involve everybody, as it is generally known that since they came to power in 1999, they were able to provide for development and welfare of the people.

He recalled the administration of Chief Obasanjo and that of late Umaru Yar’Adua, saying they both encountered the problem of insecurity but were able to surmount it.

He boasted that when the party assumes power in 2023, it will make amends and bring changes, having known the ways of resolving issues of insecurity.

“Things are stagnant, they left everything without any progress as seen .This has clearly shown the failure of APC and their lack of skill in governance. They failed to fulfil promises they made to Nigerians, ” he said.

Ayu also criticised the number of foreign loans Nigeria attracted under Buhari alleging that doing so had made Nigeria a beggar in the comity of nations.

He said economic problems have already turned Nigeria into the poverty capital of the world.

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