CCT’s ‘Biafran Boys’ Comment Sparks Outrage From Nigerians

Nigerians have reacted angrily to a statement issued by the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) after its chairman Danladi Umar was recorded assaulting a security guard at the popular Bannex plaza in Abuja.

This website had reported how Danladi assaulted the security guard for allegedly challenging his right to park his car at a spot in the plaza, an action that prompted an attempted attack on the CCT chairman by traders at the plaza.

Ibraheem Al-Hassan, the CCT’s head of communications, had subsequently issued a press statement on the incident.

But the statement was riddled with grammatical errors and remarks considered as hate speech by some Nigerians.

Al-Hassan had referred to the traders as ‘Biafran boys’, a designation many considered an ethnic slur targeted at the Igbos from Nigeria’s South East region.

Nigerians who reacted on twitter wondered why the CCT would allow such an ostensibly error-ridden press statement get to the public without proper scrutiny.

Apart from the grammatical errors, the twitter users also asked why the CCT chairman’s aide would play the ethnicity card by describing the traders as “Biafran boys”, without acknowledging his principal’s flaws.

They feared such expression may incite ethnic clashes between the northerners and easterners who trade in the plaza. Below are some of the reactions:

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