‘Complete Disaster’ Agbakoba Tears Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ Manual Apart

- Rates Atiku’s Get Nigeria Working Again 80%

Mr Olisa Agbakoba, former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, has described as a “complete disaster”, the Next Level campaign document launched on Sunday by the President Muhammadu Buhari 2019 presidential campaign organization.

Agbakoka, while appearing as a guest on Arise TV, also dismissed the campaign document of the Buhari organization as a mere “handout” as it allegedly lacks the “conceptual overhang” expected of a document prepared to show a road-map of what the President intends to do if re-elected.

“It is a handout; it is not a political document. It has no conceptual overhang,” said the former NBA president.


“The one for Atiku is 80 percent. It’s got the right stuff in it. It needs more work, but it’s a working document. It’s something I can live with. I see nice things there. It’s a conceptual framework that creates microeconomic stability. It’s got all the nice indices in it.

“On evaluation, it is clear that the economic blueprint unveiled by Atiku addresses national needs than Buhari’s economic plans.

“Forget about the APC. The talk on the street is against the APC. I’ve not heard a single person saying any good thing about the APC,” said Agbakoba.


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