Covid-19: Fear As Nsukka Health Centre Runs Out Of AstraZeneca Vaccines

Some Nsukka residents due for the second dose of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines, Tuesday, expressed fear following the lack of the substance at Nsukka Health Centre in Enugu State.

THE WHISTLER gathered that the vaccines had not been available for about five days. The development had placed the residents seeking to be vaccinated on the edge.

However, the most affected are those due for the second dose of the vaccine. They told our correspondent that having taking the first dose, they are at more risk of contracting the dreaded virus.

Fidelis Odo, a trader, told THE WHISTLER at the premises of the health centre that, “I have been coming here. They keep saying the vaccines have finished; that they would supply more. I am tired. I was billed to get the second dose on the 10th of this month. With this development, I am afraid because I stand vulnerable.”

A student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Teddy Nwanne, said, “They keep shouting that we must get vaccinated. For some days now, the vaccines are not available here. I think they only administer Astra Zeneca here. I wonder why Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not available at this health centre.

“I took my first dose two months ago. I suppose to complete the dosage last week. But here we are, still waiting. It may scare people from getting the vaccine administered.”

It was gathered that the centre has vaccinated thousands of the residents.

One of the workers, who did not mention his name, said, “Our vaccines have finished. I’m going to Enugu today to get more dosages. People should start coming from a day after tomorrow.”

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDCP, “Not receiving the second vaccine increases your risk of contracting Covid-19. An additional study in March showed one vaccine dose limited risk of infection by 80 percent compared to 90 percent with two doses.”

A vaccinologist and chief executive of Innovative Biotech, Keffi, Dr Simon Agwale, had earlier called on the federal government to build the country’s vaccine manufacturing capabilities.

In his view, “The permanent solution to the emerging global health challenges is for Nigeria to invest in local vaccine production, which would bring technological advancement and create jobs for Nigeria.”

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