COVID-19: Abia Imposes 5,000 Face Mask Fine, Bans Night Clubs, Restricts Burials, Weddings To 50 People

The Abia State Government has imposed fresh measures to help curb the current wave of COVID-19 infections being witnessed across the country.

The new measures include a fine of N5,000 for anyone caught without a face mask in public places, ban on all night club operations and restriction of burial and wedding ceremonies to a maximum of 50 attendees.

The state’s Inter-Ministerial Committee on COVID-19 announced the new measures after an interactive session with leadership of the Abia State Traditional Rulers Council, religious organizations, security agencies and some stakeholders in the state.

The meeting was held at the Michael Okpara Auditorium in Umuahia, the state capital.

The committee reviewed the current list of covid-19 protocols and came up with the following decisions:

  • Night clubs are to cease operation whilst Abians are advised to stay away from night clubs in view of the new wave.
  • Eateries – All eateries are now to operate on take away basis and must maintain all covid-19 protocols at their premises. They must place at their entrance “No face mask No entry” sign. They must ensure the availability of running water and sanitizers at their premises. Any contravention will attract a fine of N100,000.00 and the premises will be sealed off.
  • All hotels and hospitality places must paste “No face mask No entry” banner at their entrances and must maintain all covid-19 protocols. Any contravention will attract M100,000.00 fine including sealing off of the premises.
  • Religious worships – All churches are now to operate on 50-person basis per stream and must conclude all religious activities by 2pm on Sundays and Saturdays whichever is applicable. All weekly activities must be limited to 2 activities only. Whilst night vigil and crusades are totally banned. All religious places of worship must pasts at its entrances “No face mask No entry” sign.
  • Markets – All covid-19 market Committees are to be revived and must ensure total compliance with all covid-19 protocols at all markets failing which Government will not hesitate to shut down such market and proscribe its Union.
  • Burials and weddings – All burials and weddings must be limited to 50 persons only and maintain all covid-19 protocols. Traditional ruler of communities must liaise with the Local Government Chairman of the relevant Local Government and set up enforcement Committee made up of people of integrity to ensure compliance. The enforcement Committee is at liberty to stop any burial or wedding in contravention.
  • All public places, ministries and parastatals must paste at their entrances “No face mask No entry” sign.
  • All cultural festivals are hereby banned till further notice. Government will hold responsible the Traditional Ruler of any community that contravenes this directive.
  • All schools, private and public, must observe all covid-19 protocols.
  • Government encourages all well spirited Abians to donate face masks and hand sanitizers to our schools, religious organizations and public places.
  • Wearing of face mask is compulsory and any contravention will attract fine of N5,000.00
  • There shall be an Abia Covid-19 day where all and sundry will come out to enforce covid-19 protocol. The date will be made public soon.
  • Community testing and sample collection is ongoing in all the 17 LGA’s.
  • LGA Covid-19 Committee are in place and are to sensitize and enforce all covid-19 protocols in and around the relevant Local Government.
  • The State medical protocol team are in place and our molecular lab is 24 hours in operation to run samples.

The Abia Government further urged residents to continue to observe and comply with all covid-19 protocols and take the directives seriously.