Covid-19: UK Govt Approves Additional £3 Billion For Health Sector

The United Kingdom (UK) has approved additional 3 billion pounds as support funds for its National Health Service (NHS), England.

The UK government stressed that the development was geared towards keeping the institutions afloat and efficient in tackling numerous health challenges(aside covid-19).

The NHS is the federal healthcare system of the United Kingdom (UK),
with about 1.7 million staff.

“And today, I can confirm that we are providing an additional £3 billion of funding to the NHS in England to get ready for winter.

“Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will also receive additional funds,” UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson disclosed in Friday’s tweet.

According to latest Worldometer data, the UK has recorded 292,552 cases and 45,119 deaths.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson maintained that the NHS, which is an integral component of the kingdom( in the fight against covid-19), should be strengthened to keep providing health services to those that need it.

“This will allow the NHS to continue to use the extra hospital capacity acquired from the independent sector and also to maintain the Nightingale hospitals until the end of March.

“This new funding comes on top of the additional £30 billion of funding for health and social care that we have already announced this year.

“So we are making sure we are ready for winter, and planning for the worst,” he stated.

He added that irrespective of harsh situation imparted on the country by Covid-19, greater days lie ahead.

“But even as we plan for the worst, I strongly believe we should also hope for the best.

“That means looking ahead with optimism – now extending our plan to lift the remaining national measures which have restricted our lives since March so we can get back to something closer to normal life,” he said.

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