Crisis Rocks PDP As Atiku Campaign DG, Jimi Agbaje Lock Horns Over Campaign Funds

A fresh crisis is said to be brewing in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos State Chapter, over the alleged misuse of campaign funds “from Abuja” by the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos, Mr Jimi Agbaje, in the recently held general elections.

Chief Layi Ogunbambi, the Director General of Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Council in Lagos State, levelled allegations bordering on misappropriation of funds against Agbaje after the latter reportedly accused him of sabotaging his governorship bid.

Speaking at a post-mortem meeting on the outcome of the elections in Lagos on Wednesday, Ogunbambi described Agbaje as a “cancer” that is rapidly eating up the PDP in Lagos. The Atiku Campaign DG described the party’s governorship candidate in the states as “nothing but a serial politician coming every four years to use our Lagos PDP platform to amass enormous wealth for himself.”


Ogunbambi berated Agbaje for allegedly taking to a new low to fabricate lies against him in order to bury his alleged shady deals in the last elections.

“Let me quickly seize this opportunity to thank our leader, Chief Bode George, immensely for the confidence reposed in me all the time since l became a member of Lagos State PDP. l was duly sworn in as DG of Atiku campaign council at the Party Secretariat in lkeja and curiously Jimi Agbaje never called me to discuss with me the operations and work schedule of my office,” he was quoted by PM News.

“There was no template for harmonization of his group with the legitimate organ and structure at the party office in lkeja. With his rigid application of dogma, it was patently obvious that he was not going to work with me and the party on 2019 general elections.


“ln fact, he made it clear to many and even went on social media to put on record that he was not going to have anything to do with me as the DG. l spoke with him several times on the phone in my attempt to diplomatically bring some focus and sanity to his ego without any success,” Ogunbambi alleged.

“The Chairman of the Party, the former Chairman of the Party, Rtd Navy Captain Shelle and Taofeek Gani were all there at each occasion these calls were made to Jimi. l also engaged his friend (Osibodu) for several hours on the phone to get him to get Jimi to see reason in the larger interest of the party, but that, in Osibodu’s own innocent naivety, was more interested in the so-called integrity mantra of Jimi than the larger issue of party cohesion, integration and harmony, hence, and again, all the discussions with Osibodu never amounted to anything significant in the directional way forward for the party.


“The stagnation remained substantially the same to date. Jimi was emphatic when he said publicly that Leke was his DG because he needed somebody he could control just like he wanted to control the entire party with his inner core group that have done more to disfranchise the Party in Lagos State for years now,” Ogunbambi said.

On Agbaje’s alleged allegation of sabotage against him, the Atiku Campaign DG said: “Listening again to his (Agbaje’s) own version of the money brought from Abuja and the version of the Chairman of the Party, l ask you all: who was telling the truth yesterday? You can lie and deceive the people some of the time but you cannot deceive them all of the time.

“Jimi is a cancer in Lagos PDP. A proclamation of no confidence and integrity in him is the most viable option left to the Party and l urge you all to consider it with the seriousness that it deserves!

“My issue with Jimi is not about Ceaser and Brutus. lt is about a man l supported with my time and money in 2015 and 2019, and later discovered that he was nothing but a serial politician coming every four years to use our Lagos PDP platform to amass enormous wealth for himself,” Ogunbambi said.


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