Daniella Okeke Reveals She Has Never Felt Loved

Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke has taken to social media to explain why she can’t love anyone and why she’s ”mean”.

The actress revealed this via her Instagram page on Tuesday where she dropped a series of post about her failing in love and not being loved back.

She wrote: “Anytime I’ve truly loved someone I’ve always gotten my heart broken. That’s why am mean. I don’t love nobody but myself fuck the world. No one really cares about you… ONLY GOD GOT YOU,”.

She further revealed that why she finds it hard to fall in love is because she has never felt loved before.

“How do you love? When you have truly never felt loved? When I love you it’s just a statement not a Reality, fuck out here,” she wrote.

“this thing called love is an illusion fuck love make money, they don’t love you baby girl. Focus, make money and obey god’s

The actress had earlier posted on her Instagram page that she is fed up with the country and was ready to relocate to elsewhere. She openly appeal to any man with a foreign passport to come and marry her.

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