Detained Female Cop Knows How To Exist Police Force, But Just ‘Being Funny’ — PRO Adejobi

The Spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi has reacted to reports of a female cop, Fauzziyah Ebunoluwa, who was detained by the Lagos Police Command for attempting to resign.


Adejobi in a series of tweets on Thursday said the female cop demanding resignation understands the procedures, describing her public outburst as being “funny and misled”.

THE WHISTLER had earlier reported Ebunoluwa’s ordeal after she was deceived by her principal to appear before the Lagos Deputy Commissioner of Police for an interview regarding her desire to resign, only to be detained.

Adejobi while reacting to Nigerians demanding rationale for the delayed approval of Ebunoluwa’s resignation from the police, said the female cop is aware of the procedure for resignation from the police.

His tweet read, “Everyone knows the process. She is just being funny and misled, I guess. I am sure many have got the facts from the command.

“The process is clear. You write a resignation letter through your DPO, to Area Commander, follow the ladder up to the IGP, and response comes via the same route.


“And if it’s so urgent that you must leave, you make payment equal to ur (sic) salary for 3 months, to be paid to the purse of the government, with proof of payment. That is express.

“But if you have not received any approval, you must be on duty. So, she has not been reporting on duty. Too bad anyway”.

Ebunoluwa, with a large following on Twitter, had caused a stir after she tweeted about her detention in the early hours of Thursday, a tweet that went viral.

She disclosed that the police in Lagos have refused to approve her resignation since “last year” and have resorted to humiliating her by detaining and prosecuting her.

The Lagos Command in its defence, however, said she is being detained for absconding from duties for 21 days without leave or permission.


The female cop, whose rank is yet unknown is popularly known for her beekeeping venture on Twitter, and according to the command, she is likely to be tried for bringing the police to negative light and indiscipline.


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