Dino, An Unending Travail? By Emmanuel Ogbeche

Senator Dino Melaye


Not too long ago, he was the poster boy of the All Progressives Congress (APC), but now, he is hunted and haunted by the police and his own failings to have read the auguries well.

He is Senator Dino Melaye, the Kogi-born lawmaker, that has become forbidden meat to the party he helped to power.

Post-2015 general elections, it was unimaginable for the APC to hold its presidential rally without somebody asking; ‘where is Dino?’


But like in all things feeble and hastily cobbled together, it was not long for the relationship between the APC and Dino to give way like a pack of cards.

The senator had taken sides with Senate President Bukola Saraki, and this was Russian roulette without his knowing.

Despite his having an impressive record at the senate as the most active in the 8th Senate and perhaps since the return of democracy, they are those who only look at Dino’s showboating, and this seems to be his albatross.

If he is not being accused of booing the president, even when he is was not in chambers at the budget presentation, he is accused of being an accessory to murder of a policeman.

If Dino were a commoner, one will say it is the fate of the common man in Nigeria, but for a senator to have been so dragged around and kept in the open for two consecutive days, tells how much water has passed under Nigeria’s pseudo-democracy.


The question remains; for how much long will this frightening orchestra play for Dino? Only time, as they say, will tell.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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