Discussing 1966-70 Events, Others, Way forward For Nigeria – Moghalu

Founder of the To Build A Nation (TBAN) and former presidential candidate, Kingsley Moghalu, says Nigerians need to review the country’s historical antecedents so as to fashion out the best approach for its sustainable development.

He stressed that historical reviews should be taken into account, “else, we will keep running around in circles.”

Moghalu stated this in a tweet on Saturday.

“Nigeria can’t navigate the future successfully without a reckoning with its past.

“We need to look into the Amalgamation of 1914 and the events of 1966-1970, recognise how these events turned Nigeria into a progressively failing Union, and take steps to reposition for success”, he added.

Using the United States as an example, the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Deputy Governor noted that nations rose when their people sincerely revisited their past.

According to him, the information derived from such brainstorming, can lead to the roll out of a development model that attempts to heal all wounds.

Furthermore, he said that restructuring could also be crucial if the Nigerian society must gain balance.

His tweets further reads:

“Successful nations don’t just happen; they are built.

“Justice, equity are key, plus adjustments of structural foundations where necessary.

“America today is confronting a reckoning with a it history after #GeorgeFloyd .

And it’s #1619Project , revisiting history from the first arrival of slaves in Virginia and how the institution of slavery shaped America.

“This is part of the pursuit of a more perfect union.

” It can be controversial. It can be painful. But it’s necessary.”

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