Do Not Buy Transformers, Poles, Others For Power Firms, NERC Tells Consumers

The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission has said that electricity consumers are not responsible for purchase, repair or replacement of electricity transformers, poles and all related equipment used in the supply of electricity.


Over the years, many electricity consumers had in a bid to boost their chances of getting access to electricity have had to spend huge funds buying transformers, poles and other electricity accessories.

But NERC said it was wrong for electricity consumers to buy these electricity accessories stating that it is the job of the Electricity Distribution Companies to provide the necessary electricity infrastructure within their jurisdiction.

It said, “It is not the responsibility of electricity consumers or community to buy, repair or replace electricity transformers, poles and related equipments used in the supply of electricity.”

The Commission, in a publication sighted by THE WHISTLER said that the rights of consumers includes; right to transparent electricity billing, right to be properly informed and educated on the electricity services, right to refund when over billed.

NERC also stated that any un-metered customer who is disputing his/her estimated bill has the right not to pay the disputed the bill, but pay only the bill that was last undisputed.


NERC said, “It is the customer’s right to contest any electricity bill, it is the customer’s right to be notified in writing ahead of disconnection of electricity service by DisCo.

“All customers have a right to properly installed and functional meter.”


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