Easter: What Top Preachers Said About Nigeria’s Leadership

Easter, which the Bible revealed as the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave and ascended to heaven, has been leveraged by some Nigerian clerics to discuss the importance of good leadership at all levels to the growth and stability of the country.

At this year’s Easter, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, on Sunday, called on Nigerian leaders to emulate Christ who expressed love through his lifestyle.

He said that the proof of effective leadership was love, not anger, retaliation or hatred.

His words: “I appeal to Christians to continue in the spirit of the Gospel, the teachings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. St. Paul says: Though He was God, he humbled himself, became man and remained obedient up till death (Phil. 2:6ff). Following in His steps, we Christians have lived through the life of martyrdom. Jesus taught us how to pray for our enemies (Mt. 5:44). Although His teachings are hard (Jn. 6:60), it was not the guns of a powerful army that brought down the walls of Jericho. The prayers of the priests did (Jos. 6:20). Jesus defied the temptations of coming down from the Cross. He knew there was a higher truth deferred. It was fulfilled on Easter day. No matter the provocation, we must arm ourselves with the weapons of truth, the Word, the Spirit, and love. At the heart of Christianity is the Truth and Love.”

A former vice-presidential candidate and pastor, Tunde Bakare, advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to fail the electorate who voted him into power.

He said that Nigerians were doubting his leadership, but added that if the current government should retrace its steps, posterity will remember it for good.

“Taking the would-be president at his words, Nigerians went out in unprecedented numbers to vote at the 2015 polls. In areas where election materials arrived late or where card readers failed to function, Nigerians were undeterred. They were so invested in the candidacy of General Muhammadu Buhari that they remained on voting lines at great personal costs until they voted.

“Even after casting their votes, some waited till late in the night for their votes to be counted. When the polling centres were overtaken by darkness, some lit their kerosene lamps, while others put on their car headlamps as they waited to make their voices heard and their votes count for a man they believed they could trust. I appeal to Mr. President not to discountenance such tremendous goodwill. If he does, his legacy will be undermined,” he added.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi who leads the DayStar Christian Center, Lagos, observed that a major feature of leadership anywhere in the world is one’s ability to admit mistakes.

He said that for any leader to make a headway, such person must be able to accept responsibility for any flaw.

“No one celebrates weakness. We’ll rather celebrate power. But Christ shifts our mindsets; “My power works best in weakness” (2Cor. 12:9 NLT). Great leaders acknowledge their weaknesses. This is a good season to be vulnerable to ask God for help. HappyEaster,” he tweeted on Saturday.

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