Ebonyi Massacres: Ohakim Writes Umahi Over ‘Unanswered Questions’ About Tragedy

Following Monday night’s killings of scores of people in some communities in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, former Imo governor Chief Ikedi Ohakim, Friday, called on Gov Dave Umahi to constitute a judicial commission of inquiry to get to the roots of the mayhem.

Ohakim, in a letter to Umahi, which was obtained by THE WHISTLER in Abakaliki, conveyed his ‘heartfelt condolences to Gov Umahi and the good people of Ebonyi on the precious lives lost in the senseless violence that reportedly claimed over 17 lives at Ishielu’.

According to the letter, “It is something that touches all of us, but from my vantage point, I can imagine the greater distress it is causing Your Excellency, as the first citizen of Ebonyi State. Permit me to use this opportunity to, pivoting on my pertinent experience, respectfully suggest my views on this unfortunate and tragic incident. As Your Excellency is most surely aware, this tragedy has triggered profound anger and recriminations from several quarters, including particularly from Ndigbo, as an ethnic group, thus escalating it from an ordinary law enforcement issue to a matter that concerns the entire Igbo nation, including particularly Ndi-Ebonyi.

“Permit me, therefore, to suggest that Your Excellency should urgently project the powers of your office into the matter with a view to unravelling what actually happened. There are many unanswered questions surrounding this tragedy and they will be better answered, not in a prosecutorial or adversarial setting, but in a disinterested atmosphere inherent in a judicial commission inquiry. The credibility of such inquiry will stand in sharp contrast to any investigation the police can do.

“I therefore strongly urge Your Excellency to rise to the occasion and exercise your authority under pertinent state laws. Such is the only fair and credible way to determine who is truly liable and to what extent. Additionally, it will help to ensure that such tragic incident will not repeat itself in Ebonyi State or even Alaigbo.”

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