El-Rufai Boasts: UAE’s New 4.5-Day Working Week Proves Kaduna Right

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has patted himself on the back for approving a four-hour working week in Kaduna State following the adoption of similar policy in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE, on Tuesday, announced plans to transition to a four-and-a-half day working week from January 1, 2021.

The new policy will see the UAE switching to a Saturday-Sunday weekend, with Friday being a half day.

It would also see the UAE breaking ranks with other Middle-Eastern countries, with reports attributing the move to the country’s bid to attract more foreign investments.

Reacting in a Facebook post on Tuesday, Governor El-Rufai said the step by the UAE is an “unexpected validation” of his administration’s decision to transition to four-hour working week in Kaduna.

“Kaduna’s transition to four-day work week gets unexpected validation in the United Arab Emirates.

“Details are being worked out by our Human Capital Development Council in consultation with all stakeholders to enable full take-off by Jan 2022 in sha Allah…” the governor wrote.

THE WHISTLER earlier reported that the Kaduna State Government announced that the measure was “designed to help boost productivity, improve work-life balance and enable workers to have more time for their families, for rest and for agriculture.”

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