Election Postponement: Mysteries And Misfortunes

Following the Postponement of the 2019 general elections, Nigerians in their numbers have condemned the electoral body’s decision, lamenting that it has exposed their economic and social lives to serious loss and discomfort.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission postponed the Presidential/National Assembly and Gubernatorial/House of Assembly elections from 16 February to February 23 and March 9, respectively citing logistics difficulties.


A bride to be identified as Miss Rita Osawende lamented in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Benin that she’s in a state of dilemma as all arrangements for her big day had been concluded for next week before INEC rescheduled the election date.

“INEC please help me revisit this issue.

“The original date was fixed for February 16, but as soon as I knew it’s elections day, it was postponed to February 23rd.

“What do I do; all arrangements have been made have printed and distributed my invitation cards for the wedding.


I am so confused,” she lamented.

In the same vein sharing her misery over the poll postponement, a young lady identified as Theodora Uju Igwemadu felt cheated as she said her hopes were dashed because she intended to sell light refreshment to voters who may have needed some liquid at the polling booth to cool off their stress, only to wake up to the postponement.

“My money is gone!”

“The stress I went through was in vain, my hopes have been dashed.

“Now who will drink all these zobo?


“Just woke up now to prepare the snacks when I got the news that the election has been postponed.

“This is the highest form of rigging. Who will now have the mind to vote on the 23rd??

“Buhariiiiii!!! You have done the worse. Ngwanu! Enjoy the next 4 years.”

Another devasted Nigerian Emeka Ezeanyagu, who planned to walk his better half down the aisle on the 23rd February, said the commission’s decision had crushed a day in his life supposed filled with joy.


In the same note, twitter users over the weekend expressed their anger over members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) who were left by INEC to sleep “in the cold” after the poll was postponed.

A fish seller resident in Akwaibom also lamented on the loss the postponement exposed her to as she hoped to sell her fish in large quantity to those who came over to Akwa Ibom to cast their votes.

“I stocked dried fish worth N50, 000 with the hope of selling them to my brothers and sisters who came home for the election.

“Now I can’t make any sale because all they are thinking of is the money to transport them back and return on the 23 of February.

“I am confused and depressed because these fishes might get bad due to low market over here in the state as indigenes can easily get them comfortably as compared to the indigenes outside the state.”


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