Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduces Infant Mortality – Gynaecologist

A consultant gynaecologist with Hope Hospital in Osogbo, Dr Tunde Aromire, has called on nursing mothers to help reduce infant mortality in the country by making exclusive breastfeeding a priority.

Recall that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended six months exclusive breastfeeding for nursing mother.

Speaking to newsmen on Friday, Aromire said exclusively breastfed babies had a lower risk of gastrointestinal infection and stand a chance of regaining weight lost at birth than a formula fed baby.


“Considering the fact that the only source of nutrition for the baby is the mother’s milk, the nursing mother has to eat balanced diets to get enough milk in her breasts.

“The nursing mother must, however, be careful about her own diet and continue to avoid or limit the consumption of certain foods which can prevent proper flow of milk.’’

“Breastfeeding can be disadvantageous for the newborns when there is an inadequate supply of breast milk or insufficient suck reflex in the baby.


“So it is important that the mother knows how much milk in terms of quantity she is producing per feed,” Aromire said.

To better assist nursing mothers to have a proper flow of milk, the gynaecologist advised women to always visit nutritionists to guide them on what to eat.


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