I always see them run to the school farm at the back of our classroom, I didn’t quite get what they were up to. But because Kizito was involved, I knew they must be up to something mischievous. Out of curiosity, I tracked them to the school farm one day. In what appears to be a small clearing in the farm, I saw the five of them, pants pulled down, measuring ruler in their hands, as I drew closer, I observed that Kizito was measuring the length of their penises.

We were in JSS 1, but we already recognized the enormous ego that comes with the size of one’s phallus. The next time I saw Kizito leading another set of boys to the farm, I followed them with betted anticipation with my ruler in my back pocket. I was glad when mine was measured and proclaimed to be “standard” size (LOL…whatever that means.) Kizito advised me to be applying some spatter of local gin or alcohol on my pubic areas to facilitate the growth of hairs around that patch. An advice I ignorantly heeded.

Most adulterous countries in the world – Even though ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ is one of the commandments, many people cheat on their partner. This is happening every day all over the world. According to exhaustive surveys conducted by Durex Condoms and online dating sites, here are the 10 most adulterous nations in the world.

10) Finland (36 %)

One citizen of Finland said that sex in Finland is viewed as a positive experience. Technically people do not cheat in Finland. They just have a parallel relationship. Well! I would not suggest that you try this one on your partner! One in five married men in this northern European nation is likely to have had affairs with at least 10 women.

9) United Kingdom (36 %

People residing in the UK are at the lower end of the European infidelity rate. This is one evidence of Anglo-Saxon Puritanism in the UK views of morality. Also about half the respondents who had cheated regret their actions. However, only common people were surveyed. If the affairs of the members of the Royal family were to be included, UK would have moved a few notches up.

Nobody likes missing Prof. Kim’s lecture for any reason. The classroom was packed to the rafters, dead silence as Prof. Kim makes an exposé on “Ubiquitous Government.” Then a baby coughed, another cough, followed by intermittent bouts of cries, heads with malevolent eyes turned towards Tricia demanding without speaking that she take her baby out of the lecture hall.

She grabbed her baby who was by then seriously wailing, walked half way thro…ugh the hall, then stopped suddenly and made a U-turn to her seat. As about 30 something starring pair of eyes followed her to her seat, she stunned them by whipping out her breast in a swift and started breastfeeding her baby. Amusingly, her baby stopped crying and was scratching her head and raising her tiny legs as she feeds.

WHEN John met Judith, it seemed clear that they were a perfect match. Both were devout Christians. He was a widower, she a divorcee. After finding each other on an online dating site in May 2015, they exchanged heartfelt e-mails. John, an interior designer from London, wanted to meet in person but had travelled to South Africa for his father’s funeral. While there, he was robbed and defaulted on an expensive design contract. Judith stumped up £140,000 ($175,000) before realising that she had been scammed: “John” was the invention of a fraudster.

A rush of women going under the knife for designer genitals has taken even plastic surgeons by surprise and divided medical professionals on the ethics and benefits of “labiaplasty”.

In 2015, more than 95,000 women worldwide underwent the procedure, according to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Most often, labiaplasty involves trimming back the inner “lips” or labia minora flanking the vaginal opening, in a procedure that is also known as nymphoplasty.

It was the 19th-most popular surgical procedure in 2015, followed by “vaginal rejuvenation” — usually tightening of the vaginal canal — in 22nd place with just over 50,000 procedures.

“I trained in the ’80s and if you had told me that you could imagine that this is happening know, I would think you were crazy,” Renato Saltz, a plastic surgeon from Utah and ISAPS president told AFP.

Do you love to suck the breasts of a lactating woman during sex? While this is ordinarily harmless, do you know the HIV status of the woman?

Are you among the few men who are still wondering whether penis size is relevant to women’ sexual satisfaction?

There is no need prolonging this issue, just be aware of this – WOMEN ENJOY AND CRAVE FOR BIGGER PENIS SIZES! Every chick would like to have a gentleman that is well endowed in penile size and has adequate sexual skills to be able to give her amazing sessions in bed. A lot of chicks would not honestly say the reality about their craving for bigger penises, this is only common. No female wants to be seen as a Ashawo! That is why they pretend.

There are loads of sex surveys that have been carried out by several sex counselors and the outcomes have all pointed that ladies prefer bigger penis sizes just the way nearly all guys prefer larger breasts to little ones. Both in its flabby and erect state, women crave to see large penises. If that makes you a bit gloomy, you just have to swallow that! Which chick doesn’t want an amazing session in bed!? None! And a larger penis is capable of giving a lady a wonderful session in bed!

El Chapo Guzman – The glamorous wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is crying foul after prison authorities cut her love-making time with him. Guzman is going mad without sleep and sex in prison, according to his lawyers and doctors. He is said be suffering depression, hallucinations and memory loss in the tough conditions in Ciudad Juarez jail.

The revelations came after his wife, US citizen Emma Coronel, filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission that her husband may die or “go crazy”, The New York Post reports. This included, she added, a claim that authorities had been too tough on her lover, cutting his “weekly love-making time with her from four hours to two”, The Post said.

A 37-year-old bricklayer identified as Steven Horden has been hospitalized and in severe pain after he broke his Penis while having passionate Sex with his 38-year-old girlfriend, Kiera Diss when they were trying to have a baby.

A report by Dailymail reported that, He was rushed to Medway hospital where he was forced to stay for four nights to fix his bloodied and bent manhood. Doctors tried to help him by inserting a tube. During his hospital stay, a catheter (flexible tube inserted into the bladder to drain it) was inserted into his Pen.!s and he was forced to have a circumcision.

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