Residents in Clayton County, Georgia will think twice before disobeying the law with their new sheriff’s deputy. Legendary NBA center Shaquille O’Neal was sworn in by the area’s sheriff, Victor Hill, at the weekend as an honorary deputy.

The former LA Lakers and Miami Heat star becomes the tallest deputy in the county’s history, standing at 7ft 1'.

The four-time NBA champion is one of the most recognizable figures in American sport

‘Welcome to the crime fighting family, Shaq!’ Hill posted to his Facebook page on Saturday.

O’Neal has also has been designated as an honorary US Deputy Marshal and a reserve police officer with agencies in California, Arizona and Florida, reported Clayton

The four-time NBA champion has been a part-time Atlantan for the past 15 years with three properties in the area: a Buckhead condo, a six-acre farm in Gwinnett and a £1.2million home in McDonough.

The 44-year-old is also the owner of one of Atlanta’s much-loved sweet eateries, having bought a downtown Krispy Kreme franchise last October.

Do you love to suck the breasts of a lactating woman during sex? While this is ordinarily harmless, do you know the HIV status of the woman?

Are you among the few men who are still wondering whether penis size is relevant to women’ sexual satisfaction?

There is no need prolonging this issue, just be aware of this – WOMEN ENJOY AND CRAVE FOR BIGGER PENIS SIZES! Every chick would like to have a gentleman that is well endowed in penile size and has adequate sexual skills to be able to give her amazing sessions in bed. A lot of chicks would not honestly say the reality about their craving for bigger penises, this is only common. No female wants to be seen as a Ashawo! That is why they pretend.

There are loads of sex surveys that have been carried out by several sex counselors and the outcomes have all pointed that ladies prefer bigger penis sizes just the way nearly all guys prefer larger breasts to little ones. Both in its flabby and erect state, women crave to see large penises. If that makes you a bit gloomy, you just have to swallow that! Which chick doesn’t want an amazing session in bed!? None! And a larger penis is capable of giving a lady a wonderful session in bed!

El Chapo Guzman – The glamorous wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is crying foul after prison authorities cut her love-making time with him. Guzman is going mad without sleep and sex in prison, according to his lawyers and doctors. He is said be suffering depression, hallucinations and memory loss in the tough conditions in Ciudad Juarez jail.

The revelations came after his wife, US citizen Emma Coronel, filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission that her husband may die or “go crazy”, The New York Post reports. This included, she added, a claim that authorities had been too tough on her lover, cutting his “weekly love-making time with her from four hours to two”, The Post said.

A 37-year-old bricklayer identified as Steven Horden has been hospitalized and in severe pain after he broke his Penis while having passionate Sex with his 38-year-old girlfriend, Kiera Diss when they were trying to have a baby.

A report by Dailymail reported that, He was rushed to Medway hospital where he was forced to stay for four nights to fix his bloodied and bent manhood. Doctors tried to help him by inserting a tube. During his hospital stay, a catheter (flexible tube inserted into the bladder to drain it) was inserted into his Pen.!s and he was forced to have a circumcision.

These are some researched home made remedies that are fully effective that can help lift a sagging boobs.

1. Massage With Almond Oil or Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is great for skin tightening. It is known to be used for centuries to remove the wrinkle from the skin. Massage your breasts with some Aloe Vera gel to tighten up the skin. The massage will also exercise the muscles and tone up the breasts. Besides Aloe Vera you can also massage your breasts with almond oil, which helps improve the blood circulation. Good blood circulation will widen the blood vessels and help lift up your breasts.

The Supreme Court has voided the Igbo law and custom, which forbid a female from inheriting her late father’s estate, on the grounds that it is discriminatory and conflicts with the provision of the constitution.

The court held that the practice conflicted with section 42(1)(a) and (2) of the 1999 Constitution. The judgment was on the appeal marked: SC.224/2004 filed by Mrs. Lois Chituru Ukeje (wife of the late Lazarus Ogbonna Ukeje) and their son, Enyinnaya Lazarus Ukeje against Mrs. Cladys Ada Ukeje (the deceased’s daughter).

Cladys had sued the deceased’s wife and son before the Lagos High Court, claiming to be one of the deceased’s children and sought to be included among those to administer their deceased’s father’s estate.

The trial court found that he was a daughter to the deceased and that she was qualified to benefit from the estate of their father who died intestate in Lagos in1981.

Having sexual intercourse early in the morning is a good way of preserving one’s life says Prof. Musa Yakubu of the University of Ilorin.

Middle-aged men report greater levels of spirituality after exposure to the hormone oxytocin

Hormones released while having sex can increase spirituality and belief in God, scientists have claimed.

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