Fani-Kayode Surrenders To ‘Evil’, Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has finally surrendered himself for vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine after persistently calling it “evil”.

Fani-Kayode, who shared photos of himself receiving the vaccine via his Twitter handle on Tuesday, said he was convinced by a Nigerian senator to take the jab.

Sometime in April 2020, Fani-Kayode had warned Nigerians against the “dangers of the vaccine” noting that it would “result in millions of deaths” if citizens yielded to the Federal Government’s “agenda” to make the vaccination compulsory.

Also, in May 2020, he criticized the FG for allowing citizens to be used as experiment by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Bill Gate’s foundation to test the efficacy of the vaccine.

However, in his recent tweet, Fani-Kayode disclosed that he got inoculated at the National Hospital, saying, “If anyone had told me that I would take this vaccine up until one month ago, I would have said no way”.

He said he was glad that he changed his mind and such had brought comfort to many around him who insisted that he must stay healthy and safe.

“I recommend the vaccine to others and I assure you that National Hospital in Abuja is a great place to take it. Covid is real & has killed many people, including dozens that I knew & loved, over the last one year.

“Let us fulfil all righteousness, follow the protocols, sanitise regularly, maintain social distancing, stay healthy stay safe, stay blessed and live long to take care of all our children and loved ones.

“Finally let me add this: if my hero President Donald J. Trump can take the vaccine even after criticising and questioning it then so can I. Blessings! Peace! Shalom,” Fani-Kayode tweeted.

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