Feb 16 Polls: US, UK To Seize Assets, Revoke Visas, Prosecute Politicians That Incite Violence

Nigerian politicians who incite or execute violence during Saturday’s elections would have their assets in the UK seized and their visas banned, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing has said.

Ms Laing gave the warning at a press briefing on Wednesday in Abuja to unveil the Election Situation Room of the Civil Society Situation Room set up by a coalition of civil society organisations to monitor the polls in Abuja.


According to her, those who are involved in hate speech will be called out, and such politicians might also face prosecution.

“We will apply this absolutely across board not directed to any particular party; so, we are monitoring and looking out for hate speech.

“We are concerned about the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rally which has hate speech a lot and we will like to call that kind of thing out.

“Our two worries are on security not just on the role the police will play to ensure peace but about the role individuals play by getting angry or militias being paid to disrupt elections .


“Then, another worry is fake news (and) that is why we rely on CSOs and we will work with them to get information,’’ she said

On his own part, America ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, said that the special thing with the situation room was not just about what the CSOs would say and do but about what every Nigerian would say and do.

“The time has come for the outside world that cares so much about Nigeria to listen to the people of Nigeria and to see what each of them do and then forward the results to lift Nigeria up,” Stuart said.

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