Foundation Organizes Breast Cancer Awareness In Abuja Community

The Think Pink Initiative, at the weekend, created awareness on break cancer for residents of Sauka community in Waru District, Abuja Municipal Area Council, in the Federal Capital Territory.


The awareness was held to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is marked globally every October to enlighten people about the negative impacts of breast cancer across the globe.

Partners of Think Pink Initiative held the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk within the Sauka environs on Saturday to engage and educate the community on the importance of regular screening and the role early detection plays in saving lives.

The Sauka segment of the walk which was held in different parts of the country was organized by Abbas Mohammed Bello.

Speaking to journalists during the walk, David Sarah, a community health practitioner who lives in Sauka stated that the awareness was targeted at many local women who are not aware of what breast cancer is about.

“We are here live to create awareness on breast cancer, many women are not aware of breast cancer. I believe some people don’t know more about it, and that’s why we are here to educate women about breast cancer or the early signs of breast cancer.


“Some women don’t know how to examine their breasts. So, this is why we are here to create awareness for both men and women. It is not specifically for only women; some men also experience it, but it is the fewer side as women experience it more. So, I believe and I hope our coming out here to create awareness will make women rise and kick against breast cancer.

“Most people in this era have involved themselves in alcoholism, some of them due to stress, or one thing or the other they will say let me just take alcohol to calm myself down but, in that process, some people will become addicted to it. So, these are some of the ways we can predispose ourselves to breast cancer.”
Sarah added, “According to research, women from the age of 50 years and above are more disposed to breast cancer. But I am has come to notice that even people lesser the 50 are beginning to experience breast cancer. So, it is a piece of advice to every one of us to know how to handle our lifestyle, attitude, and eating habits and to also engage in exercise to reduce obesity.”

Also addressing participants, DR. Audu Hassan based in Abuja, further advised people currently struggling with breast cancer to commence treatment immediately.

He advised those in the rural areas using local herbs to desist from the practice and endeavour to maintain personal hygiene and healthy feeding

Abraham Success, a Community Health Worker, on his own said, “We advise them to always eat fruits and vegetables. They should also constantly examine their body. So that when they observe any strange thing they can go to the doctor for a diagnosis. We also advise breastfeeding as a preventive measure.”


The Think Pink Initiative which worked in partnership with Mustard Clinic and Maternity Services Limited was founded in Kaduna by Dr Fatima Alkali alongside other medical practitioners such as Dr Rabi Mado, Dr Halima Suleiman, and Dr Aisha Ahmed.


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