France’s Macron Praises Electorate After Voting In Presidential Run-off Against Le Pen

France President Emmanuel Macron voted on Sunday during the country’s presidential runoff election between him and his main challenger, Marine Le Pen.

The first poll on April 11, showed Macron and Le Pen had emerged first and second with 27.8% and 23.2% of the ballots, less than 50% required to declare one winner.

Macron who was sworn-in as France president on May 14 2017 is hopeful of a second term as stipulated in the country’s constitution.

After voting on Sunday, he appreciated all the electoral officers across polling units nationwide.

“Voted ! To the thousands of French men and women who allow the ballot to take place: thank you. In the polling stations of our cities and towns, you are the beating heart of our democracy,” Macron tweeted on Sunday.

Macron wants the country to give him one more chance to cause an “environmental” revolution across the country and deepen France global influence.

For Marine Le Pen, she vows to transform the country’s economic fortunes and direct government focus largely to its internal affairs.

Pen is a lawyer and member of France’s National Assembly.

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